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Dear Mary Monaghan,

I am an Italian girl who now lives back home in Genova, Italy, but who lived in Ireland for a few years from 1993 to 1996. Last night I listened to the Gerry Adams programme on the Internet and I was shocked to hear your story, which I also recorded. I immediately asked a friend who’s now in England to buy me your book.

I swear I was in tears when I heard it as unfortunately I had a similar one with my ex-Irish boyfriend I was almost engaged with for almost 5 years, from 1993 to 1997. He disappeared on me when I was in Italy and he was in Ireland. On Easter 1997 he said to me “I’ll call you Wednesday, I love you” and never heard from him for two years. Months later his father told me he had gone to live with another woman. Two years later, when I managed to speak to him again, he told me he had just had a child from her. I was devasted looking for him first and finding out what he had done then.

What’s worse, he rang me again this year (after 9 years!) to say he was so sorry and he wanted to go back as he loved me and he had left the girlfriend as he hated her. Well, after two months of emails he had been sending me, I rang his parents’s house and his mother told me he was still living with that girs as he was married!!

What’s wrong with these guys?? I think Gerry is right, they have psychiatric problems!

“Sing me a love song, drop me a line, suppose it’s just a point of view” sings Robbie Williams in No Regrets.

I can’t wait to read your book and thank you for telling your story and writing about it. I could never do anything to retaliate against that guy, but yesterday I thought that speaking about it on the Irish radio would just be the thing to do as we didn’t deserve all this!

I hope your path of love is now going smoothly for you and that you have some nice male company. I never really recovered from what happened as I have totally lost trust in men.

Best of luck with your book!



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