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Hi Mary

As promised I said I would email you when I had finished reading your book. As you have probably guessed I couldn’t put it down and read at every conceivable moment. What is it with the Irish? I could relate so much to your life’s story being married to a charming Irishman and knowing and having lived in all the places you mentioned.

Just to quickly mention that I was his 3rd wife (met him 6 months after his divorce to number 2) and he is now on his fourth marriage and living in Wynberg. I can understand your persistence in trying to find him and I did the same. Once I had received closure I was happy to let go.

It was easier for me as he appeared on a visitors list at Kelvin Grove and I was doing the registering with a friend. I told her I wouldn’t help her as I was really dead beat after the busy week. She said I think you would like to as your ex is on the list and there is only one ‘Barklie’ spelt the same as you in S.A. I hadn’t had contact with him for 10 years but at least I had been divorced from him.

Anyway enough of me and I am sure you get a lot of people trying to relate their own experiences to you. You have been through so much you deserve to be happy. You know that they never forget and I am sure John’s conscience pricks him every day of his life. They live in an existence of pretending they are happy but that is never the case.

I enjoyed reading your book and found it very inspiring. If anybody survived and did it with the utmost dignity – you have. Thank you for giving me a new lease to life and proving that there is hope and a life after John, in my case Adrian.

Best wishes and a pleasure meeting you.


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Excellent Read

“I was told of Mary’s story by a mutual friend/acquaintence who gave me her book to read yesterday, needless to say I completed it within a few hours in between nursing my baby. Astonishing is the callous and cowardice of her husband John who abandons her with heaps of debt. Amazing is Mary’s courage love and patience and hope, which endures, but is wasted on John.”