Mary has consulted in Change Management throughout both English and French speaking Africa.

mary monaghan on site in africaChange Management
In business today the only constant is change and for any change to succeed employees need help as they progress along the change journey and start to think and work differently. The challenge is for change to stick and become sustainable.

Key elements of Change Management are:

  • Project vision and branding
  • Leadership Engagement and Alignment - ensuring that sponsorship comes from the highest level and that senior leadership walk the talk
  • Stakeholder Engagement – ensuring that all stakeholders both internal and external understand the need for change and the benefits that will be derived
  • Communication – underpinning the change initiative and promoting project objectives and ensuring awareness throughout the organisation using relevant communication channels, newsletters, TV/radio, posters, roadshows and project events
  • Capability transfer through training and facilitated sessions equipping the organisation to sustain the change

Mary works with you to ensure that all these key elements are covered and to ensure that the change journey is as smooth as possible.

mary facilitating change management