My trip to Las Vegas for the launch of ‘Life Choices’ was amazing. I met some incredible people whose stories also featured in the book. From the cocktail party at ‘Las Vegas Rocks’ to the launch presentation at the Palace Station Casino Hotel it was a magical time. I feel so privileged to be included in such an inspirational book.
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My story will be featured in an upcoming book, Life Choices - Navigating Difficult Paths, an empowering collection of stories reminding us that we all have choices. These stories prove that success belongs to everyone, no matter where they come from or what has happened to them.
life choice by mary monaghanDue for release in Las Vegas in January 2010 and it will then be available for purchase through my website.

Poem of Desire

Inner turmoil
Should I?
A gentle circling
Your fingers on my breast
We cannot progress
- Beyond this touch -
Suspended in this moment
Subtle acknowledgement
Desire awakened
We come together
We cannot hold back
Just this once
Attuned to each other’s rhythm
Being true to ourselves
So often we deny
The truth so long concealed
This must be the first time
And the last time
I can never have you
But I will always yearn for you

Mary Monaghan
Featured in the anthology ‘Writing the Self’

My next book

I’ve just finished the first draft of my second book, it is now being reviewed by some readers and then the edit process begins. Working title at this stage is ‘Who do you belong to?’ it brings my story right up to date.

Many readers of my book suggested that my story would make a great film so I have now adapted it into a screenplay and I am really happy with how it has turned out. Now all that remains is to find an agent/producer and then we’ll see it on the big/small screen.

Stay Tuned for updates!

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