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When your husband vanishes without a trace, there’s no telling what you might do. I wrote a book. Remember Me? which became a self-publishing success story. I had wanted to share my story of how I had managed to survive and rebuild my life. The writing of my first book set in motion a new journey of triumphant discovery. Who Do You Belong To? My second book continues my story, crafting an exuberantly independent life. My personal change journey led me to work in the change management and coaching fields where I use my experiences to help others embrace change in their lives.

remember me by mary monaghan
who do you belong to by mary monaghan
green are the hills far away by mary monaghan
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life choices passion by mary monaghan
green are the hills far away by mary monaghan

Change Management & Coaching

In business today the only constant is change and for any change to succeed employees need support and coaching as they progress along the change journey and start to think and work differently. Mary works with you to ensure that the change journey is as smooth as possible.

Mary Monaghan author and change management consultant

Mary Monaghan's roots are in Ireland. She lives in the Western Cape, South Africa. As well as being a writer she facilitates change... Read More

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Katie S.

“I heard your interview last night on BBC Radio 5, I think your attitude and what you have been through is a true inspiration. I am ordering your book now!”